Kyokushin Karate New York HQ Dojo

284 Fifth Ave
New York , New York  10001

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Kyokushin Karate New York HQ Dojo, New York

KYOKUSHIN KARATE New York City is the only Headquarters- Direct branch of the I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan outside of Japan. This school was officially authorized by Grand Master Mas Oyama in 1994 and Shihan Katsuhito Gorai was the last Branch Representative to be appointed personally by the legendary founder himself before his untimely death that same year. Our goal is to spread the spirit, history, culture and techniques of Karate in the U.S. and to educate students in the traditional methods practical applications inherent in the Kyokushin style; ultimately training their hearts and bodies to become equally strong fighters and peaceful individuals.Kyokushin Karate will require of you a more serious and focused attitude towards training than the average workout, but likewise we will care about you and your progress, and will give you the respect and attention you deserve in order to gain the confidence, discipline and motivation to pursue your dreams.Whether you're six or sixty, you CAN do


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