Bo Law Kung Fu Federation

385 Broadway. Suite 3R
New York , New York  10013

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Bo Law Kung Fu Federation, New York

"The art of kung fu to me is a country of limitless borders; it stretches as far as the horizon. Kung fu cannot be confined and constricted by the limits of race and nationality. The true essential qualities to understand, learn, and appreciate kung fu are found within all peoples. The true nature of kung fu stems from ones understanding of "sum fhat" the inner workings of the heart and mind of the individual. Ones' own character dictates if one is capable of appreciating kung fu or not. All my teachers taught me to adhere to the principles of the martial arts: loyalty, duty, humility, and courage. A person that embodies these qualities is truly someone that can enter this borderless land. These are the true essential qualities that will allow any one to fully appreciate the martial arts of China. This is the real power of Chinese kung fu and why it has transcended all bonds of culture and ethnicity. These principles that we teach is what will allow the next generation to appreciate th


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